Assessing Impacts And Effectiveness Of Revolving Fund Under Category 5 – Vietnam Urban Upgrade Project.

Objective: The consulting service aims to support Project Management Unit of the 4 related cities under the project VUUP in evaluating social impacts and effectiveness of microfinance funds that provide housing upgrading loans housing for people in the 4 cities from early days till present; then propose initiatives and recommendation to the World Bank on a specific mechanism to sustain their operations in form of independent and sustainable microfinance funds in the future.

Main activities performed: After over 5 months working with the related funds of 4 cities, our experts have submitted evaluation reports for each fund and one general report on all funds in the 4 cities. In each report, our experts have provided in-depth analysis on social impacts of each fund over the past years, provided assessment on the effectiveness of each fund, and provide the World Bank with relevant recommendations on how to manage these funds after the project has ended.

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