Assessing The Operations Of 5 Selected People’s Credit Funds, Sponsored By The World Bank.

Objective: To assess the effectiveness of each fund on 3 areas: operation, training and technical support. This assessment aims to: (i) to provide a comprehensive overview of operational status of each fund; (ii) to provide an insights int the situation of training and technical assistance activities and new training needs; and (iii) to provide recommendations on technical assistance and/ or capacity building for each fund.

Main activities performed: After more than three consecutive months working directly with each fund, our experts have completed the required reports, including one individual report for each fund and a general report on People’s Credit Funds’ network. Specifically, our experts have analyzed the funds’ performance and put forward recommendations on the funds’ operation. In addition to emphasizing on the importance and urgency of training for employees at the funds to keep up with global and national economy during tough periods, our experts have also shown successful models of international credit co-operatives in developed countries (Canada, Brazil, etc) and developing countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, etc). The reports have provided analysis on the strength and weakness of each model. Besides, our experts also recommended the funds management to develop products for low-income clients, and products with high social responsibility, to drive the funds’ development in sustainable way.

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