Baseline Survey On Income And Gender Situtation In Selected Target Communes And Identification Of Needs And Priorities Of Target Communes, Under The Regional Fisheries Livelihoods Programe (RFLP)


Objective: The objectives of the target communes and to collect the baseline data for each of the five RFLP outputs, which will provide the basis for progress monitoring and evaluation. Under these overall objectives, the specific objectives of the survey were:

  • To develop the sub-indicators for the baseline survey, fully reflecting the local conditions in target provinces in Vietnam, for 5 RFLP outputs
  • To develop complete survey methodologies including field-tested questionaries for the defined sub-indicators.
  • To collect data for the defined sub-indicators under RFLP outputs 1-5 for Vietnam
  • To organize a validation workshop in each province

Main activities performed:

  • Prepared a detailed design for the baseline survey includig the sampling framework, indicators, and methodology
  • Conducted the baseline survey in the project area according to the agreed sampling framework and methodology. Participatory methods were used during the process of establishing the baseline
  • Prepared the baseline survey reports.
  • Prepared and facilitated a workshop bringing together project staff from the provinces and districts to review and comment on the methodology and result.

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