Capacity Building On Communication Skills For Social Workers In Environment Conservation Sector In Nam Dinh Province


To improve the quality of the services provided by collaborators, Nam Dinh Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment required technical assistance of a consulting firm to organize annual training courses with a view to improve communication skills and guidance and dissemination of legal knowledge and the environmental protection measures for the campaigners. Thereby, the skilled communicators and knowledge to counsel and support people to implement environmental protection activities.

Main activities performed:

MACDI collaborated with Nam Dinh Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment to organize training programs for teams of environmental communicators. During these trainings, the communicators had opportunities to get together and discuss, share practical experience in the implementation of tasks in the local advocacy, thus generating consistent approach to each object to advocacy, how to operate an effective way to raise awareness, consciously abide by the policies and legislation on environmental protection for the people.

The communicators of the Provincial Department of Natural Resources and Environment have been equipped with skills to collect information, process information, write news releases, articles, press releases, speeches, reports and presentation skills; organizing environmental events, organize press conferences, conferences, seminars and events of media campaigns; improving their communication skills and media planning. In particular, the communicators learnt to use IT applications in environmental communication and how to update information on a number of websites related to the environment; build a team of communicators at local level, contributing to efficiency change perceptions and behavior of the community in environmental protection.

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