Capacity Building On Selected Topics Of Sustainable Microfinance For Partners Of VUUP

In 2004, the Government of Vietnam and the World Bank (WB) signed a Loan Agreement No. 3887-VN on Development and Aid agreement grant dated 08.07.2004 No. 053 182-VN to perform Vietnam Urban Upgrading Project with the goal of supporting poverty reduction in urban areas through the upgrading of living conditions for the poor Consulting Services: Sanitation supply chains development and capacity building to provinces on planning and delivering sanitation services in Northern Mountains and Central Highlands Regions of Vietnam Micro-finance and Community Development Institute (MACDI) Add: 15/22 Lane 324, Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Ha Noi, Tel: (84-4) 3759 0344; Website: Page 19 and the environment.

Project category 5 – Revolving Loan Fund aims to upgrade and repair housing and improve the incomes of low-income households (revolving fund) is 1 in 6 Categories by PMU urban upgrading perform together 4 CEP partners; Municipal Trade Union; Municipal Housing Development Fund and Municipal branch of the Social Policies Bank;

From 12/2004 to 12/2010 carbon, the project has provided 40,345 loans to households and total value of loans respectively equivalent to the amount of 344,630 million. In order to further enhance the professional skills of finance, credit for officers of Municipal Women’s Union; Municipal Housing Development Fund and Municipal Branch of Social Policies Bank, Project Management Board of the Hochiminh city sub-project of the Vietnam Urban Upgrading Project required services of a consulting firm to provide advanced training for sustainable microfinance partners involved in the project.

Main activities performed:

  • Develop a training plan, training materials
  • Conduct training courses
  • Write report after training
  • Assess the impact and effectiveness of microfinance funds by 04 implementing partners
  • Conduct survey fieldwork at Project Revolving Fund to collect information for assessing the impact of the Fund and evaluate the performance of current funds;
  • Data processing and and drafting the report on (i) assess the various impacts of the Fund which shall include at least the impact on the environment, health, improve the quality of life of beneficiaries, empowerment and gender equality, participation and social security impact; (ii) To assess the performance: organization and administration, operations strategies, revolving capital, risk management and human resource; (iii) recommendations for the fund to improve performance and sustainable development.
  • Complete and submit final reports to the PMU and donors.

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