Code of Conduct on Combating Plastic Pollution

As plastic pollution is a pressing global issue with devastating ecological consequences, and As Vietnam is among the top five source countries for the eight million tons of plastic that is dumped into the world’s oceans each year,

We acknowledge our collective responsibility as international partners in Vietnam to work with some urgency as change agents to reduce plastic pollution and raise awareness about its negative effects on humans, animals and the environment.

We hereby commit to the following actions, through which we hope to make a tangible difference in how our work is conducted in this country:

  • Not to buy or use disposable plastic water bottles in our offices, and endeavor to find alternatives to plastic for the meetings and events we organize;
  • To undertake an assessment of our current office practices and their impact on the amount of plastic waste generated, and institute operational changes to minimize our plastic waste footprint;
  • To engage our employees on the need to reduce our plastic waste, and inform them how they can help refuse, reduce, reuse and recycle plastics at the household level; and
  • To encourage all of our partners (government, project, institutional), suppliers and service providers to adopt low-or no plastic waste-emitting options wherever and whenever possible.


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