Consultancy Service In Baseline Survey For Project “Can Tho City Development And Strengthening Urban Adaptation Capacity”

Main activities performed:

  • Collect socio-economic data, based on the available data and additional surveys, including surveys of natural conditions, socio-economic conditions, the environmental status of the Project sites, gender, community health issues, current state of climate change, etc…   These are the basis for the design consultants to prepare the plan basic designs for the project and impact assessments of the implementation of project in later phase;
  • Undertake consultation with stakeholders to identify social problems and the potential impact of the proposed investments in infrastructure, particularly how they could affect vulnerable groups;
  • Provide inputs to the identification of social problems, involvement in the project design for feasibility study and basic design, taking into consideration the needs of affected communities;
  • Provide specific recommendations and managing infrastructure investments which have high social risk; define the criteria and methodology for the investment decisions whether they have been socially acceptable or not, and taking into account priority items, impact and potential risks.
  • Proposed Social management Plan with specific actions associated with the environmental management plan as a combined social environment management plan.
  • The study provides baseline data which is the basis for assessing the project results after the completion of the project.

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