Financial Co-Ordination And Advisory Service For The Project “Promotion Of Non-Fired Brick (NFB) Production And Utilization In Vietnam”


This assignment aims to assist the PMU to coordinate all consultants’ activities to complete the third component and other related to the project co-financing mobilization tasks.

The works of a financial coordinator aims to help the PMU to coordinate all required activities of recruited consultants and stakeholders to establish accessible road for NFB investors to apply for different financial sources: loans, guarantees, grants, etc.

Along with this, the project is engaged in mobilizing co-finances from other sources to co-finance with GEF. Planning and monitoring of these sources are needed for the PMU to have enough finance for implementation of all activities.

Main activities performed:

  • Develop TORs of Component 3 and coordinate the recruitment procedures of consultants implementing activities of Component 3 in accordance with UNDP Guidelines;
  • Coordinate and provide assessment on works of the recruited financial consultants;
  • Support enterprises to contact with the consulting organizations to complete feasible studies of NFB project proposals to apply for financial sources (incentives; loans, guarantees, award, etc…), for example, providing advice on getting loans the 3 demo enterprises and 10 enterprises out of 24 enterprises manufactures, providing inputs /advice on the financial elements of the feasibility studies;
  • Assist PMU in setting up and sustaining the links between 3 parties: NFB investors, financing institutions and NFB technical service organizations;
  • Coordinate all meetings and workshops and trainings organized by the project on completing outputs under Component 3;
  • Correct financial parts of all promotion documents published by the project;
  • Support and give comments on feasibility studies and provide information of financial sources and mechanism for investors of 3 demo projects and 24 replication projects (if required by investors), 10 SMEs and NFB entrepreneurs with confirmed financing through project financial schemes;
  • Plan and monitor all co-financing sources are needed for the PMU to have enough finance for implementation of all activities;
  • Make periodical work-plans and progress reports of activities required to complete Component 3 of the NFB project, and in coordination with PMU staff.

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