MACDI BDS Unit – Functions And Main Tasks

MACDI BDS (Business Development Services) are non-financial activities that support microfinance clients, small and medium enterprises and individual business households in the community in effort to achieve the development objectives of business sustainability performance.
What is BDS?
BDS (Business Development Services) is a department of the Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI) that provides, formally or informally, all non-financial services.  It is used to support small and medium enterprises and individual business households in the community to improve their business functions or further develop their growth.
Why BDS?
BDS is a very important role for small and medium enterprises and for individual business households in the locality. Regarding the current economic conditions, the role of BDS is shown more clearly in the following points:
– The combination of micro-finance services and non-financial services creates sustainable development for small and medium enterprises and individual business households in the community.
– BDS is a key factor in promoting business activities.  BDS ensures the provision of inputs and outputs for small and medium enterprises and individual business households.  Thus, customers can be assured that their investment in microfinance services through MACDI will produce sustainable business.
– BDS serves as a bridge between the small and medium enterprises and individual business households by creating sustainable linkages in the community.
Functions and Main Tasks
Consulting and Training
 Survey the community on their needs, knowledge, skills, and training
 Train and consult about agricultural production
 Train and consult businesses about the knowledge of farmers and business groups
 Assist households with business planning and strategies for a certain amount of time
 Instruct on financial planning and analysis of financial indicators
 Provide business accounting and financial management skills (revenue expenditure)
 Advise on soft skills (i.e. effective sales skills) in business
 Develop consulting skills to avoid risks in business and production

Support Rural Cooperatives in Agriculture and Forestry:
 Establish business interest groups and consultancy support for agricultural, forestry, and fishery cooperatives on production and business
 Support and improve the business and legal knowledge of cooperatives
Providing Information
 Provide information about business, agricultural and rural development policies
 Improve business households’ understanding of business law and the market
 Distribute information on commodity markets, prices, and competitors
 Compiling data and creating a commodity newsletter to distribute to the community
 Market Linkages
 Support and search for the business model that works best for the community
 Connect input supply companies with community members
 Output for Products
 Support transactions and distributions of products created by the community
 Connect purchasing companies to the community products
 Organize exhibits on BDS products and the product brochure
 Coordinate the introduction of products at events, seminars, fairs, etc.
Support for Trademarked Products
 Support solutions that provide product specifications and service
 Design and consultant on a complete registration brand
  Agricultural Trade
 Support direct distribution in the area of local BDS

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