MACDI – Combating Plastic Pollution

Twenty-two embassies and international organisations marked World Environment Day by signing a Code of Conduct on Combatting Plastic Pollution at L’Espace, 24 Trang Tien on June 4, 2018. MACDI has participated this campaign as a partner to join the Development Partners to reduce plastic consumption.

By signing this Code of Conduct, international partners commit to assessing their current office practices related to single-use plastic, and instituting operational changes to minimize their plastic waste footprint. All signatories also agree to engage their staff in reducing plastic waste and to encourage their partners to adopt low- or no plastic waste-emitting options. 

By taking this joint action, international partners in Vietnam seek to act as change agents in reducing plastic pollution and raising awareness about its negative effects on humans, animals and the environment. 

In respone to the appeal the World Environment Day and the online advocacy #CountdowPlastic with Code of Conduct on Combating Plastic Pollution as well, MACDI leader and staffs are excited to respond to this campaign to reduce plastic consumption in order to change the way and habit in term of consumption of disposable plastic.

They also propagated their family and relatives about the disadvantage of plastic and encourage them should change the way and habit to prevent plastic pollution as:

  • Reduce their own plastic waste;
  • Reuse: reusable shopping and produce bags to markets, and avoid using single-use plastic bags; instead of buying water in plastic bottles, invest in a water filter and reuseable water bottles; choose closing and other personal intems made from earth-friendly material instead of polluting water materials;
  • Refuse straws when requesting beverages at restaurant of coffee…;
  • Remove: Pick up trash in their neighborhood and when visiting parks and beaches;
  • Recycle: recycle the plastics their use and no longer need; return single-use bags to grocery stores for them to recycle.

We hope that with our small actions, we can partly reduce and prevent environmental pollution from plastic waste. We also had reasearch and carried out the plastic project in the past and will be continue to work on with international organizations, Vietnam Government, local authorities… to give the best initiatives to make efficiency solution to reduce of using plastic waste as well as contribute to sustainable, green environment protection.

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