MACDI – Small And Medium Enterprise Supportation

Service features and Benefit

  • Survey the community on their needs, knowledge of farmers and business groups; SMEs, micro-finance institutions.
  • Provide training courses and consulting about agricultural production services;
  • Training and consulting businesses planning and strategies for a certain amount of time;
  • Instruct on financial planning and analysis of financial management skills (revenue expenditure);
  • Develop consulting skills to avoid risks in business and production

Supportation of SMEs in agriculture and forestry

  • Establish business interest group and consultancy support for agricultural, forestry and fishy cooperatives on production and business.
  • Support and improve the business and legal knowledge of cooperatives.
  • Provide information about business, agricultural and rural development policies;
  • Improve the enterprise’s cacacity of law and the market;
  • Consultant the required cirterial that enterprise need to be followed and completed
  • Support SMEs complete the criterias of market (VietGap; Global Gap, HACCP)
  • Provide them technical consultants service to drive enterprises to market orientation (QR code, traceability)

Market linkage and Trade promotion

  • Consultant for the business model that works best for the community;
  • Connect input supply companies with producers,
  • Support transactions and distributions of products created by the community;
  • Support SMEs to idenfity the potential market to their products;
  • Connect purchasing companies to the community products;
  • Support SMEs to organize the trade promotion or event to their products;

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