Outstanding Consulting Service for SMEs

  1. Consulting on Risk Management

Training courses on Risk Management help to resolve risks associated with assets,
technologies, finance, legal side across the enterprise. MACDI commits to provide risk
management supporting to our clients with a strategic vision and solution designed not only to meet risk management objectives but also meet general business goals. Through using powerful analytical methods, we identify risks and assess gaps in our client’s risk management within their operation that help them to identify return on investment and make decision on adjustment, improvement, and planning

2. Consulting on Administration and Strategy

MACDI provides our clients with professional consulting and knowledge on strategic planning and strategic management to support them implement strategic changes, develop new strategies serving their business and to obtain their business goals.
Specific aspects are:
 Build a Strategic Vision and Planning.
 Innovation.
 International Business.
 Business Administration.
 Strategic Alliance.
 Competitive Strategy.
 Globalization and Strategy.
 Design Organization Structure.
 Implementation Tools.
 Process Planning and Development.
 Communication Relationships Planning

3. Consultant for organization to enhance their operation’s efficiency
Organization is understood as people’s network to fulfill some certain goals while
organizational restructuring is a process to review, change organizations’ structures,
departments, and personnel to ensure the effectiveness and suitability of the organization in relation to strategic objectives and market changes.
Restructuring will help improving enterprises’ products, services’ quality while reducing costs, and motivating employees. At the same time, it helps enterprises to adapt with market changes and create a stable foundation for enterprises’ development.

4. Consultant on Job Description System and Working Procedure
The job description system and working process are very important. It is a tool used for
recruitment, employees working guide and act as basis for evaluating work performance. The more detailed and accurate the job description system and working process are, the faster and better workers will understand their job.

5. Consultant on Measuring Labor Efficiency of Enterprises by using KPIs

KPIs helps clarify the company’s objects, how to achieve and measure it based on performance indicators. Performance measurement of all members enables the organization to timely adjust its steps toward the goals.
Accurately assessing the results of all organization’s level will help making appropriate
remuneration and reward policies. It also plays a big role in creating a scientific basis for planning and developing intangible assets such as enterprise’s training and knowledge
development strategies

6. Consultant on Human Resources Development;
Using MACDI’s human resource training service is an effective human resource solution to help enterprises own high-quality employees while minimizing cost, time and effort. With many years of working experience in the field of human resource training as well as with a wide network of local and international HR leading experts, MACDI commits to provide high quality training courses with all the necessary skills and knowledge for enterprises.
Providing business customers with comprehensive solutions to detect and develop employees’ capabilities as well as the way to attract and retain talents, MACDI’s solutions are regularly renewed to create a highly capable workforce on the market that helps companies gain competitive advantage.

7. Consultant on Value Chains Development
A value chain is a set of linked activities that work to add value to a product. It consists of actors and actions that improve a product while linking producers to processors and markets. Value chain is considered as an effective tool to reduce and eliminate poverty. Without value chain, the poor/ farmers face with difficulties to earn more benefits from their production activity, access available resources as well as access to the market to sell their products and scale up their production. To enhance SMEs’ capacity, MACDI will equip partners with skills and knowledge on value chain development to improve and increase benefit for their production. Key areas are:
 Policy, Regulatory, and Institutional Framework;
 Credit and Financial Support;
 Innovations and Technology;
 Infrastructure Development;
 Market Access;
 Information Services;
 Organizations and Linkages.

8. Consultant on Business Investment Environment Improvement
Business and investment environment include many elements and plays important role in
maintaining, restructuring and promoting foreign and domestic investor to develop their
business. On the other hand, business and investment environment is an institutional structure to enable SMEs access market and sources. A good environment of business and investment could help SMEs easily access to the capital, technical market and attract investment from foreign and domestic to scale up business activity.

9. Consultant and Support Business Start-Up
Star-up and business consultation and support.
Star-up has been a business model that many SMEs are approaching currently. SMEs realizes that there are too many tasks to star-up for their business in which developing a business plan or business portfolio is a priority for any SMEs. To help SMEs have a full picture of star –up, MACDI provides consulting services on:
 Research to identify star-up type.
 Make a Plan; Plan Your Finances.
 Choose a Business Structure.
 Pick and Register Your Business Name; Get Licenses and Permits; Choose Your Accounting System; Set Up Your Business Location
 Promote the business activity.

10. Consulting on Development of Quality Control System and Market Linkage for
Within this service, MACDI provide our clients with:
 Consultant to develop quality standards ISO, HACCP; HALAL; VietGap, Global Gap,
5S, 7S etc.
 Developing traceability, QR code, brand name, package for products.
 Supporting in quality standards registration, publish on label, package;
 Supporting to develop quality standards of food hygiene and safety;
 Consultant to develop an MOU or contracts with collectors or traders to fulfill the
criteria to enable the products access to the market BigC; SaiGon Coopmart, Lotte,
VinMart, Happro, Aeon; FiviMart etc;
 Trade promotion and market linkage to agribusiness, especially for women leader of
Some of MACDI’s SMEs client who was successfully supported by MACDI including:

  • Tay Bac Agricultural safe food company – successfully supported ISO certificate.
  • Chuong Bi vegetable cooperative – Successfully supported Viet Gap certificate and
    ongoing to Global Gap and success to link this product to Tay Bac agriculture safe food company.
  • Quyet Chien local pig cooperative in Tan Lac district, Hoa Binh province – Successfully supported VietGap certificate and link this product to Tay Bac agricultural safe food company.

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