Project: Sustainable Livelihood Through The Green Finance Fund to Forest Protection and Biodiversity Conservation in Quang Nam Province.

Green Annamites Project is a $188.000 milion project funded by USAID to Microfinance and Community Development Institute (MACDI) to implement the sustainable livelihood activities for local people through the Green Finance Fund to forest protection and biodiversity conservation in Quang Nam province. With the great support of local authorities in Dong Giang District, MACDI was implementing three main activities as following: (i) capacity buiding for local people; (ii) ehancing the opportunity to access financial service for community and (iii) linkage value chain  of local products

In particular, MACDI was held training courses to capacity building for local people on planting, care techniques and sustainable harvesting and preliminary processing of Purple Morinda Officinalis product. Finishing of training course, the participants are equipped with the most up-to-date and standard knowledge, ensuring increased productivity and product quality.

Mr Alang Duong – student comes from Jo Ngay Commune shared: “At the moment of training course and content took place in accordance with the local Purple Morinda Officinalis crop planting season, so our training knowledge is well understood and fully applied the technical process that the trainers have trained. Now I know how to plant and take care of trees correctly. Not only that, I can also guide and share with people in the village”. (Training on October 27, 2018).

In order to create sustainable livelihood for local people and promote the forest protection goal and biodiversity conservation in Dong Giang Distric, MACDI always give local people (maily Co Tu ethnic minorities) have opportunity to access the finance and non-financial service through the Green Finance Fund (GFF) – Dong Giang. GFF – Dong Giang has an main office in Prao Town and 10 transaction points in 10 communes (Ta Lu, Song Kon, Zo Ngay, A Ting, Ba, Tu, Ka Zang, Za Hung, A Rooi, Ma Cooih), have enough infrastructure to serve the local community with the most effiective and  flexible.

GFF – Dong Giang, with the MACDI’s reciprocal capital budget and mobilized capital budget from CARE UK is $ 330.000, is ready to provide financial and non – financial service for production development, improving livelihood and income  for 1.800 household, equivalent to 7.920 people in Dong Giang District.

Connecting credit to production and connecting products to the market is the determining factor for the success of creating livelihoods for local people. Therefore, MACDI connects a chain of supermarkets and retail distributors with local producers to bring products grown and produced in Dong Giang to consumers such as Purple Morinda Officinalis, Codonopsis pilosula, A Rieu Chili.

Mrs Doan Thi Van – Vice President of Women’s Union in Dong Giang District shared: “ On behalf of Dong Giang Women’s Union – We agree to become a MACDI’s main partner in the implementation of microfinance in Dong Giang District. We believe that the GFF – Dong Giang will create more opportunities for local people, especially poor ethnic minorities women and difficult in economic development. (The kick-off workshop on September 11, 2018 at the People’s Committee of Dong Giang District, Quang Nam Province).

Thanks to a great support of local authorities and international donnor’s budget, specific and clear activities and MACDI’s commitment, we believe that the GFF – Dong Giang will fully implement the project’s output and have positive impacts to improve the local people economic status and develop more and more sustainability as well.

Mai Linh, Thanh Van

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