“We ring the bell” 2018 Campaign in Tan Lac, Hoa Binh

On 11, May 2018, along with MACDI, NLR and Ngoc My A Primary School Management Board organized an event with namely: “We ring the bell” . The purpose of this event is mainly to raise awareness for all children having the right to go to school, even if they have disabilities. Many of children are currently unable or nor allowed to go to school, especially ones living in developing countries.


Teachers and students of Ngoc My A primary school, Tan Lac District, Hoa Binh Province

Continuing the success of 1st “We ring the bell” program – which was held in Do Nhan primary and secondary school in Tan Lac in March 2017, “We ring the bell” 2018 was organized at Ngoc My A primary school.

“We ring the bell” with the participation of the leaders of the Tan Lac District Department of Education and Training, Department of Labour, War invalids and Social Affairs, School Management Board, teachers, students and 06 children with disabilities and their parents.


In order to encourage the children, we donated 06 gifts to 06 childrens with disabilities. At the same time, 100% of the students in the school signed commitment to the protection, assistance, sharing and integration of children with learning disabilities at school. The children was very happy and eager to join in.

All of them rang the bell together, that showing the commitment, unanimity and willingness to achieve the goal of the campaign. and all of the people (student, babysitter, parent, teacher…) understood the program meaning.


Children and their parent took part in the program

By doing this, MACDI celebrated the fact that all of the children, especially children with disabilities could attend to school and we was also want to inspire the children and their parent and teacher know how to take care and support their children with physical and metal.

Hopefully, the campaign could attract the attention and support of all of the people and overcome their complexity. Through, we want to delivery a message: All of our children have the right to attend to school, to be educated and fulfill their dream.

Mai Linh


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