Sustainable Energy – MACDI on the NIRAS International Consulting Brochure

With Vietnam’s energy demand projected to increase by more than 10 per cent annually in the next five years and required power capacity to double, the country is moving to diversify its energy mix, including plans to generate more power from renewable sources. The rooftop solar market will be essential for Vietnam to meet its massive energy needs.

Affer successfull of “Community Produces of Pellet from Frorest and Agricultural by Product Project” – The second stage of the Energy and Environmental Partnership Program with the Mekong Region (EEP) was established as a part of the development policy of Finland Government with the EEP Mekong grant is 180,000 EUR and 120,000EUR from MACDI reciprocal capital, Mrs Thai – Director of MACDI said that: “A special thank you to the Government of Finland for creating this opportunity for women to enter the renewable energy sector. EEP Mekong supported us with knowledge and gave me the power to build a project that will transform domestic waste into electricity. I was also motivated to install rooftop solar panels for rural residents in Viet Nam” (In the NIRAS Brochure).

Mrs Dinh Thi Minh Thai would like to thank the Government of Finland for the creating the opportunity for women to enter the renewable sector and EEP Support to MACDI to successfully implemented:
“Community Produces of Pellet from Frorest and Agricultral by Product Project”

MACDI was one of the more than 100 project developers supported by Energy and Environment Partnership in the Greater Mekong Subregion. Over the course of two phases (eight calls for proposals), the EEP directly and indirectly supported 55 waste-to-energy, biogas, biomass, solar, and hybrid projects with a total value of EUR 28.9M in funding (EPP grant and private financing), benefitting almost 250,000 people living in the region.

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