Sawdust pellets
Sawdust Pellets Production Project Impact

Many years ago, with the increasing the population and humans activities like: burning fossil fuels (gas, coal, nature gas), deforestation… has big impact to environment and climate. The increasing of greenhouse gas emissions makes the greenhouse effect cause the warming of the earth which is accompanied by changes in the climate system: sea level rise, melting ice, natural disasters, storms … Chi tiết

Du an TSX_2017.12.15
USAID Green Annamites Project: Sustainable Livelihoods for Conservation and Resilience to Climate Change in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue Provinces

On December, 15th, 2017, “Sustainable livelihoods for Conservation and Resilience to Climate Change in Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue Provinces” forum was successfully held by USAID Vietnam in Tam Ky City – Quang Nam Province. Forest play an important role in protecting basins, erosion control and enhance adaptability for communities. The forests in Truong Son areas is living place … Chi tiết

Microcredit Development and Environmental Protection with Biogas Production and Models of Breeding Pigs in HoaBinh Province

  Partners: Women’s Union in Tan Lap Commune and Farmers Association in Cu Yen Commune Operational areas: Tan Lap, Lac Son, and Cu Yen communes of Luong Son district, Hoa Binh province Project information: Main objectives: The project aims to handle animal waste and provide poor farmers with clean and cheap energy generated frombiogas slurry, contributing to protection of public … Chi tiết

At MACDI We Are Committed To Ending Energy Poverty

Picture a world in which everyone has access to modern clean energy services! At MACDI we are committed to ending energy poverty. Globally, over 1.1 billion people live without access to electricity and almost 3 billion people lack clean cooking facilities. The world’s poor are continuously affected by the low availability of sustainable and reliable energy, with increasing difficulty in … Chi tiết

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Support The Building Of Eco-Toilets In Hoa Binh District

Objective: The project aims to provide technical support to local people in self supply of organic fertilizer, significantly reduce environmental pollution, preventing the spread of infectious pathogens. Main activities performed: Project kick-off; Organize training on techniques of building eco-toilet; Organize training on operational techniques and how to use eco-toilet; Provide financial assistance; Awareness raising on building and using eco-toilets. Results: … Chi tiết

Technical Assistance To Farmers In Hoa Binh Province To Process Straws And Livestock Waste Using EM Products

Objective: Provide technical assistance to farrmers in producing low-cost organic fertilizers using environment-friendly method such as adopting EM catalyst combined with husbandry waste and straw. This technique helps reduce or even eliminate the custom of burning straw and thus reduce CO2 emissions and its environmental effects which are often caused by smoke (from straw burning) and bad odor (from unprocessed … Chi tiết

Develop The Pig Production In Hoa Binh Province

Objective: Provide technical assistance to economically-disadvantaged households in Lac Son district and Tan Lac district of Hoa Binh province in market developing for pig-related products, adopting biosafety method and applying sustainable business model, so as to increase household income. Specific activities: Forming interest groups; Provide technical assistance in husbandry; Provide training to veterinarians in the local network. Provide technical support … Chi tiết

Bùi Thị Bượng (Xóm Bục, Lũng Vân)
Develop Pig And Cow Production With Biosafety Orientation For Local People In Ha Giang Province

Objective: Farmers increase their income from raising pigs and cows through capital and technology support operations and connectivity market, especially poor farmers. Specific activities: Identify the needs of farmers. Support the establishment of hobby groups. Technical coaching. Learn the market in the province and the region. Connect between farmers and processing enterprises, help them sign contract. Assess the project.

Preserving And Developing Cultural Values Of Vietnam Ethnic Paintings
Preserving And Developing Cultural Values Of Vietnam Ethnic Paintings

Objective: Analyze the challenges in preserving and developing the cultural values of Vietnam ethnic paintings. Specific activities: Conduct research on ethnic paintings; Provide recommendation and policy implication to advocate for and promote the cultural values of ethnic paintings; Provide support to ethnic minorities communities in sustaining the values of ethnic paintings.

Technical Assistance In Capacity Strengthening For SMEs In Hue

Objective: To strengthen managerial – Executive – Growth capacity for SMEs in Hue city; thus enabling their expansion in domestic market and international market, and so they become dynamic business, and effectively contribute to the economic development of the city Specific activities: Provide training on managerial and executive skills for including: managerial skills for SMEs owners, such as: Corporate governance, … Chi tiết

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