Study On Potential Agricultural Value Chains For Ethnic Minorities Groups Residing In Luong Son, Hoa Binh Province

Location: Hoa Binh province

Objective: MACDI recognizes that although the poverty rate has lowered in recent years, it remains high, especially in mountainous and rural areas. In particular, highest poverty rate is observed in northern mountainous areas due to local unfavorable land and climate conditions which negatively affect agricultural activities of local people. Furthermore, local people mainly reside in remote and isolated areas. This fact makes it more difficult for them to access services, science and technology. Production conducted in traditional ways yields very low productivity. MACDI recognizes that it is essential to conduct a study to identify natural advantages and disadvantages get the right direction for improving income for the poor.

Main activities performed: Based on 5 criteria, our experts have conducted study on potential agricultural value chains for poor households residing in the area, to help them figuring out a suitable solution to improve their production and business, thus help improve the living of these low-income households. After two working months, and based on the experience in similar studies done previously, our experts have figured out and recommended potential value chains that are relevant for local community.

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