[Success Stories] Join Hands To Help The Disabled Integrate Into The Community

In Vietnam, the disabled face many difficulties relating to accessible capital sources in addition to education and employment. At the moment, the disabled are not facilitated in their attempts to access loans. Difficulties become apparent from the initial stages of completing the loan application to having the loan application approved. Often, this is due to the fact that disabled persons are not granted assistance with the application process. From the preliminary, many loan applications made by disabled persons are disregarded and thus, are rarely approved. Between their struggles in education, employment, marriage and discrimination, the disabled face a vicious cycle. Above all, however, discrimination is their biggest obstacle. It acts as an invisible barrier that brutally pushes people out of the fringes of life. Discrimination discounts the profound sense of value for human life. Rather than acting out of pity, we are acting out of deep empathy, which will serve as the guideline for our actions.
By combining microfinance programs with specificsustainable support, Microfinance and Community Development Institute is able to assist the disabled clubs in Quang Binh. MACDI is an organization that prides itself on its prestigious approach to supporting the disabled by providing them with equitable access to micro-credit, helping them apply their knowledge into production and business, and educating them about micro-credit; micro capital. Overall, this will facilitate their integration into society as well as contribute to a just, poverty-free society. Mr. Dao Van Thuan (Chairman of the disabled club of Dong Hoi City – Quang Binh Province) was overjoyed when micro-credit sources were distributed to members of his club: “We, the disabled, were not very confident prior to working with MACDI’s Microfinance Programs. We distanced ourselves from the world and did not have many opportunities to integrate into society. However, with the kind attention and enthusiastic support of MACDI, we have realized our potential to gradually integrate into society. MACDI has educated us on capital sources, production, business and living skills. Many members and households have been able to escape from poverty. They serve as good examples of those people who are motivated and driven to overcome their difficult circumstances.”
The Disabilities Club in Quang Binh Province

The disabled’s club in Dong Hoi – Quang Binh 

In association with Zebunet, MACDI is pleased to announce the success brought by the micro-credit project in Quang Binh. The project, which has been in operation for over three years, is bound to bring even more success. The project not only provides sources of micro-credit to the disabled, but provides individuals with the knowledge and skills required for cultivation, breeding, production and business. On top of this, it acts as a catalyst for better integration into society.

Mrs Dao Thi Thuyen – Member of The Disabled’s club in Dong Hoi – Quang Binh 

Mr Dao Van Thuan – Member of the Disabled’s Club in Dong Hoi, Quang Binh

Despite their disabilities, these people are capable of bringing great benefits to society and their communities. Therefore, they should be granted access to sources of micro-capital so as to improve their quality of life.

By  Manh Thang, Ngoc Khac 

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