Base for an implementation theo survey of over 100 non-profit Microfinance and Organizations, the results showed most of the Leaders có are aware of the Importance of human resources and pay attention to training and development of staffs for the aim of operation activity as well as tăng COMPETENCE of organization. Tuy nhiên, have the same concern cũng Leaders invest in training and how to effectively and help develop staffs Organizations Achieve the proposed strategies.

Implementation methods

With the aim of effectively in the task Supporting organizations improve of training, Microfinance and community development Institute (MACDI) proposes the training method after training in Combination with support Consultancy chứa training programs on analytical results are designed based need of training, human resource strategy of the situation and development organization. Experience of support and training consultancy after Participants apply the knowledge sẽ help reality and solve Learnt Into the Difficulties in the process with chúng scope of Applying from theory to practice.

Process of an implementation

Step 1: Survey of training need

+ Understand the real need of training at the unit

+ Unify customer with the training objective.

Step 2: Building training program

Meeting the requirement of maximum + Customers

+ Meeting formulated as the training Objectives

Step 3: Preparing training documents

– Clear content of the course subjects and systematize

– Useful to trainees

Step 4: Implementation of training

+ The Participants are active in thinking, discussion and sharing

+ The Participants receive knowledge and Achieve high results in practice

Step 5: Support after training

– After the course Participants finish the training, the Specialists of MACDI will implement to support via email and telephone Participants. Participants need to support printing case the at office, Specialists of MACDI will assign staffs to instruct for added.

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