Training Course “Enhancing Capacity For Business Groups And Agricultural Cooperatives”

In the framework of CCA project, Institute of Microfinance and Community Development organized a training course “Enhancing capacity for members in business groups and agricultural cooperatives” for members in business groups and organic vegetable production in Hop Hoa – Luong Son – Hoa Binh communes. The training course has provided students’ knowledge about business as well as the method of establishing business groups and agricultural cooperatives.

Instructor of BDS department shared knowledge

During the course, instructors of MACDI BDS department shared basic knowledge about gender and business, knowledge to apply business in business groups and cooperative business, the method to establish groups and cooperatives together with management of activities in actual business activities in the community.

By specific examples from household production, practical exercises acted by participants, which help increase exciting atmosphere of the course and ability to acquire knowledge of students. Instructors and students are very friendly. The knowledge given in a logic way and in the context of production, business at locality so trainees are very easy to absorb knowledge and enthusiastically participate in giving ideas.

Situation exercise acted by participants

The cadres in District and Commune Farmer Association also contribute to discussing and commenting on the course. At the end of the course, local farmers also evaluate knowledge shared by instructors during the course. The knowledge is highly practical, useful and contributes to enhancing development capacity for business groups and cooperatives in the area.

At the end of the course, most of trainees understand how to do business, business groups and cooperatives and how to take notes and calculate production cost of family and production team. All trainees evaluate that knowledge from the course is very useful and practical. After the training, 100 % of members confirm that they can apply knowledge from the training course into production process and actual business at locality. The trainees also confirm to change their habits and take notes every day, not only about business production but also family consumption so they can save and increase income for households as well as identify business plan for groups and agricultural cooperatives.

Cadres of farmer association at localities as well as local people are keen on learning many training courses for exchange of knowledge business and experience of teachers. Through the training, farmers have new knowledge about business production and then they change production methods as well as calculation in family and production group, creading the stable and prosperous life in their hometown.

Happiness of participants in the training course

This course is one of the training courses which MACDI BDS are very interested in and hope to bring practical and useful knowledge to many areas in the country. We hope that the training course will create belief for trainees in producing and doing business at locality then enhancing living standard and income of trainees and family.

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