Training program

Human Resource Management

Name of course Human resource management Length:   4 days Participants: Director, branch director, credit director, credit staff, accountant Organizations to be trained 01 training course for staff from 4 partners of urban upgrade project in Vietnam including: Nam Dinh, Hai Phong, Can Tho and Ho Chi Minh City funded by World Bank

Internal Audit And Management For Microfinance Organizations

Name of course: Internal audit and Management for Microfinance Organizations Length:   3 days Participants: Director, branch director, director of credit, credit staff, accountant Organizations to be trained: A training course Supporting fund for poor women in Nghe An

Financial Analysis

Name of course: Financial Analysis Length:   3 days Participants: Director, Financial director, credit director, managing director, member council for Microfinance Organizations, Funding Agencies and consultants Organizations to be trained: 01 training course for Nam Dinh Microfinance fund

Effective Management

Name of course:  Effective management Length:   3 days Participants: Director, Financial director, credit director, managing director, member council Organizations to be trained: 01 training course for Microfinance fund for the cause, of community development (MFCD)


Base for an implementation theo survey of over 100 non-profit Microfinance and Organizations, the results showed most of the Leaders có are aware of the Importance of human resources and pay attention to training and development of staffs for the aim of operation activity as well as tăng COMPETENCE of organization. Tuy nhiên, have the same concern cũng Leaders invest … Chi tiết

Training Courses For SMEs

Finance Training Courses Training on disaster risk management for SMEs Training on enhancing the management skills for SMEs Training on responsibility marketing for SMEs Training on leadership skills for leader women of Cooperatives, SMEs who in the management board. Value chains Training Course Improve knowledge on development of value chains of the special products, build one commune one product model … Chi tiết

Training Course For Cooperatives

List of training courses given below by MACDI 1. Management Skills 2. Managing Service Operations 3. Making Action Plan for Cooperatives 4. Marketing Techniques 5. Develop Non-Agricultural Activities in Cooperatives 6. Marketing and Production Management Practices 7. International Economy Integration. 8. Financial Management 9. Knowledge and Practices in Enhancing Accounting Cooperatives 10. Accounting Practices in Agricultural Cooperatives 11. Financial Analysis … Chi tiết

Training Courses For MFIs

The courses are specifically sau Microfinance Institutions Designed for (MFIs) from the basics to in-depth content. The course not only sẽ help Learners receive basic knowledge and skills and learn but am also share experiences from teachers and other MFIs. 1. Financial Management Accounting for MFIs Basic & Advance Financial Management for MFIs (under development) Financial Analysis for MFIs Delinquency … Chi tiết

Academic Credit Opportunities

Academic credit is an optional, but integral component of programs for những Students who are in their gap year and oversea studying schedule. Educational Activities extracurricular opportunities with a more effective way can be of learning along with a conventional classroom model.   These credits are the results from the opportunities Cooperation Supporting relationship with faculty from Seattle Central Community … Chi tiết

Who’s Qualified For This Programs

The tours are specifically Designed for groups who are interested in economy, culture and Especially Microfinance sector in both Show Vietnam and global academic entities. However, in MACDI, chúng Organized tours and other community a variety of customized tours to Satisfy the Increasing demand of tourism culture and ecosystem. “This trip fitperfectly with Students looking for a great summer program, … Chi tiết

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