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The Study Tour Program Of MACDI

Study Tour program provides MACDI’s a truly unique learning opportunity for students and researchers from all over the world to experience the best of all-inclusive greater security on Vietnam Study Tour program! Learning Theories from our reliable, world-class professors together with acquiring empirical applications are truly amazing in real life, and an unforgettable impression. Rationale Vietnam is the benchmark of … Chi tiết

The Idea Of Study Tour

“A study tour is a travel experience with specific learning goals. The learning goals of each study tour vary, but are always spelled out in the course syllabus that is distributed to each learner. Study tours emphasize experiential learning and offer both group and self-directed activities that enable learners to explore new territories, cultures, and people. Study tours are designed … Chi tiết


Base for implementation According to the survey of over 100 microfinance and non-profit organizations, the results showed that most of the leaders are aware of the importance of human resources and pay attention to training and development of staffs for the aim of operation activity as well as increasing competence of organization. However, the leaders also have same concern how … Chi tiết

Training Course For Cooperatives

List of training courses provided by MACDI 1.  Management Skills 2.  Managing Service Operations 3.  Making Action Plan for Cooperatives 4.  Marketing Techniques 5.  Develop Non-Agricultural Activities in Cooperatives 6.  Marketing and Production Management Practices 7.  International Economy Integration. 8.  Financial Management 9.  Enhancing Accounting Knowledge and Practices in Cooperatives 10.  Accounting Practices in Agricultural Cooperatives 11.  Financial Statements Analysis … Chi tiết

Training Course For SMEs

A. Training courses for entrepreneurship 1. Business Awareness and Business Ideas. 2. Business Plan 3. Market and marketing in Startup B. Business Administration 1. The basics of business management 2. Marketing Management 3. Quality Management 4. Sales Techniques 5. Teamwork skills 6. Entrepreneurs’ Administration Skills 7. International Business Issues 8. Economic Integration 9. Business and Action Plan 10. Brands and … Chi tiết

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