Provided training courses

Training Courses For SMEs

Finance Training Courses Training on disaster risk management for SMEs Training on enhancing the management skills for SMEs Training on responsibility marketing for SMEs Training on leadership skills for leader women of Cooperatives, SMEs who in the management board. Value chains Training Course Improve knowledge on development of value chains of the special products, build one commune one product model … Chi tiết

Training Course For Cooperatives

List of training courses provided by MACDI 1.  Management Skills 2.  Managing Service Operations 3.  Making Action Plan for Cooperatives 4.  Marketing Techniques 5.  Develop Non-Agricultural Activities in Cooperatives 6.  Marketing and Production Management Practices 7.  International Economy Integration. 8.  Financial Management 9.  Enhancing Accounting Knowledge and Practices in Cooperatives 10.  Accounting Practices in Agricultural Cooperatives 11.  Financial Statements Analysis … Chi tiết

Training Course For SMEs

A. Training courses for entrepreneurship 1. Business Awareness and Business Ideas. 2. Business Plan 3. Market and marketing in Startup B. Business Administration 1. The basics of business management 2. Marketing Management 3. Quality Management 4. Sales Techniques 5. Teamwork skills 6. Entrepreneurs’ Administration Skills 7. International Business Issues 8. Economic Integration 9. Business and Action Plan 10. Brands and … Chi tiết

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