Vietnam Online Import – Export Forum – VOIEF 2020

The second VOIEF 2020 Conference was held on 28 July in Hanoi and gained the attention of the business community.

VOIEF 2020 (Vietnam Online Import – Export Forum) was co-organized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry – VCCI, and Vietnam E-commerce Association – Vecom. The event was held in-person in Hanoi along with free online live streaming for all domestic and international audiences in order to express and spread useful information to the global community. 

VOIEF 2020 Conference in Digital Transformation in Import and Export (Source:

This was an opportunity for organizations, corporations, and businesses to meet, discuss, and collaborate on business opportunities, capitalizing on the trend of online import-export in order to develop the advantages of e-commerce, especially in the Vietnamese market. The event is expected to unravel the challenges and recover trade in the aftermath of COVID-19. 

The VOIEF 2020 Conference was held in two sessions. The first session’s topic was “Digital transformation with e-commerce reaching beyond borders,” comprising three main themes. Firstly, the topic considered the effects of digital transformation on e-commerce beyond borders. Then, it took into consideration the factors that determine the success of participating in a business-to-business export platform (B2B). Finally, the topic discussed the global trend of online sales across borders (B2C) and the reality in Vietnam. Most noticeably, the Conference featured a discussion on the importance of digital transformation considering the opportunities brought about by the new EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement (EVFTA).

The second session of VOIEF 2020 continues the topic of “Solutions of Digital Transformation” will focus on sharing real-life, effective solutions to support businesses in starting productive digital transformation for digital sales and import-export activities. This session welcomes the appearance of two leading global brands in e-commerce, Google and Facebook, along with diverse domestic support systems such as Vesa, VnPost, EMS, OSB, Fado, etc.

In addition, in order to support participating agencies to have a firm grasp on the issues discussed throughout the event, there would be discussions following every conference session, along with sharing and Q&A sessions on digital transformation in goods import and export. 

VOIEF 2020 enjoyed a wonderful crowd of innovative businesses, along with experienced and highly esteemed organizations in the field of import-export eager to share their knowledge and expand their network. 

VOIEF 2020 was held with the presence of speakers who were top-tiered managers and specialists from esteemed organizations, agencies, and corporations in the field of import-export, technology, and e-commerce. Specifically, VOIEF 2020 welcomed Mr. Lê Hồng Hà – Vice Chairman of the Vietnam Association for Information Processing, Mr. Hoàng Long – Business Development Manager of Alibaba Group Vietnam, Mr. Trần Xuân Thuỷ, National Manager of Amazon Global Selling, and Mr. Hùng Nguyễn, Senior Industry Manager, eCommerce & Retail at Google.

On the occasion of the Vietnam Free Trade Agreement coming into effect in August 2020, this year’s conference attracted the attention of multiple European businesses and the Vietnam Business Association in Europe through online channels. This is a tremendous opportunity for domestic businesses and foreign businesses that have expressed interest and realized the realities and potential for development in the Vietnamese market for the future. 


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